Black Country House Wrap


The work completed through this tender will inform the design and manufacturing work within the Black Country Retrofit Wrap project, a project which is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and Accord Housing Association Limited.

The Black Country Retrofit Wrap is to test the applicability of retrofitting Closed Eco 100 Panel Timber Frame units (constructed by LoCaL Homes) to 24 properties, some of the worst performing properties in some of the Country’s worst super output areas and transforming the properties to good new build performance standards. The project will be delivered by the Accord construction team.

By introducing a new skin, or “wrap” to the property, we are significantly extending its lifecycle into the future. The whole house wrap provides the property with a new, structurally sound exterior skin. In doing so, it will ensure that the property can perform at its optimum standard.

The primary aim of the project is to test the possibility of using timber panels produced in the factory as a retrofit product at scale and which provides a significant improvement to the current approach to the fabric of buildings

Tender Form


Download Darlaston Rd schematics

18-1540-520B Specification

Proposed first floor plan

Proposed ground floor plan

Proposed second floor

Front and side elevations

Section x x

Rear and side elevations

Parapet flat roof detail

Wall panel construction

Junction of compartment wall roof

Window head

Window jamb

Beam soffit detail

Window cill

Cavity closers and fire compartmentation

Gable end wall panel detail

Ub stub to column detail

Panel break section detail

Cavity closers and fire compartmentation

Door bulkhead detail

Panel abutment detail

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