SC1 Goundworks

There has been a modification of the tender return envelope, please post this with all your tender documents

Tender Return Envelope – SC1 – Groundworks Link


19-1624-202-Site Topography Survey Link

29549 Report for Phases I, II and III at Edward Street, Redditch Sep 2020 DRAFT Link

19-1624_P3 Sheet 550 CHARM Block Plan Substructure Plan Link

19-1624_P3 Sheet 551 CHARM block plan Ground floor Plan Link

20_01060_FUL-19-1624-203_REV_C_-_SITE_PLAN-951806 Link



19254-C01-C Link

19254-C03-C Link

19254-C18 Link

19254-C19 S278 Location Plan Link

19254-C20 S278 Kerbing Layout & Surfacing Plan Link

19254-C21 S278 Construction Details Link

19254-C22 S278 Legal Agreement Plan Link

19254-C23 S278 Site Clearance & Enabling Works Link

19254-C24 S278 Existing Services Link

19254-PHASE-2-STRUCT-Issue Sheet 1 Link

19254-S200 Link

19254-S201 Link

19254-S202 Link

19254-S202-OES Bar Schedule 1 Link


CHARM Invitation to Tender - SC1 Groundworks Link

CHARM Invitation to Tender - SC1 Groundworks Link

ESS-20_034-001rev1_Accord Home Redditch_Offer Drawing_New Layout Link

Land Registry Title Plan - HW74665 Link

STW - LDC Quote Drawing 8406343 - Victoria 2 & Charm Link

Tender Pricing Summary - CHARM Link

Tender Pricing Summary - CHARM Link

WCC publicly maintainable highway plan Link

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